According to Murphy’s law, anything that can go wrong will go wrong, it’s just a matter of time. Hence, there’s a need to prepare for it. Crisis is an inevitable phenomenon in an organization whether internally or externally, which many organizations do not prepare for, through a strategic crisis management.

Crisis management is preempting a crisis and strategically preparing to counteract it through proper messaging.

Managing a crisis on the other hand, is what most organizations unintentionally do, which is, responding to a crisis when it happens. Waiting to manage a crisis after it occurred may cost a company a fortune to rectify and may put a lingering dent on its reputation.

At Dreaycom Media, our crisis management expertise helps companies to create the strategies and messaging required to counteract a crisis when it happens. We have portfolios across regions and sectors. This includes crisis communication strategy and development, training and stimulation and long-term issues management.