Statistics shows that consumers are influenced to patronize a brand projected by PR 80% more than how advertisement will do, because consumers buy based on trust. This trust can only be built when a company has a good reputation; and a good reputation can be achieved through corporate communication and value-oriented key messaging leveraged on the credibility of a third party platform.

At Dreaycom Media, we are bespoke PR professionals seasoned to help you communicate and implant your company’s vision, mission, value, culture, products/services and spur your customers’ interest to pick your brand over other competitors in the industry.

We offer an integrated approach to PR and corporate communications that includes internal and external business communications, media relations reputation management, leadership and brand building across multiple platforms.


According to Murphy’s law, anything that can go wrong will go wrong, it’s just a matter of time. Hence, there’s a need to prepare for it. Crisis is an inevitable phenomenon in an organization whether internally or externally, which many organizations do not prepare for, through a strategic crisis management.

Crisis management is preempting a crisis and strategically preparing to counteract it through proper messaging.

Managing a crisis on the other hand, is what most organizations unintentionally do, which is, responding to a crisis when it happens. Waiting to manage a crisis after it occurred may cost a company a fortune to rectify and may put a lingering dent on its reputation.

At Dreaycom Media, our crisis management expertise helps companies to create the strategies and messaging required to counteract a crisis when it happens. We have portfolios across regions and sectors. This includes crisis communication strategy and development, training and stimulation and long-term issues management.


A recommendation from a trusted media is up to 50 times more likely to trigger a purchase compared to a paid content or advertisement, because more than 40% of all business enquiries come from earned media.

Earned media is the media coverage gotten through unpaid efforts such as media relations.

At Dreaycom Media, we have extensive and solid local and pan-African media relationships with top tier business press, niche industry media across sectors, as well as regional print, online and broadcast media across west Africa. And through our affiliation with Award winning PR agency, CMOORE Media, our media relationships extend across the US, Europe, Africa and Caribbean, proactively identifying and seizing the appropriate opportunities.


We are now fully immersed in the digital and social media era. The online arena offers an increasing array of opportunities that must be central to all effective communication plans, no matter the industry.

It is vital to create a strategic digital and social media strategy as an integral component of all communication plans. If this is absent, potential audiences will be missed or communicated with in the wrong way, leading to wasted investment and minimum impact.

At Dreaycom Media, we are dexterous at creating and executing custom-made, smart, strategic and engaging online and social media marketing campaigns.

We have a network of social media influencers that has the right target audience for your brand and products.

We create compelling video and audio campaigns to engage our clients’ audiences through a unique blend of traditional, online and social media. Access to the media syndication network also allows us to deliver multimedia content to TV, radio and newspaper websites.

Dreaycom Media’s services include: Blogger and Influencer Relations (Social Pro), Webcasting, Podcasting, Satellite Media Tours, Radio Media Tours, Radio News Releases, Public Service Announcements, Internet Promotional Campaign (INR), Digital Media Services and Online Newsrooms.


Providing people with valuable, accurate information on a consistent basis earns you and your business credibility and trust. Your customers will trust you and feel like you’ve given them something of value, making them more likely to choose your business over a competitor.

At Dreaycom Media, we transform our clients into respected and innovative thought leaders on trends and challenges facing their industry, by working with them to produce contents that would enhance their thought leadership position in their industry.

We also work with C-Suite level staff to reinforce business leadership through creating opportunities that will elevate their personal and business brand.